Front-end IC

Ultra-low power, 8 channel, front-end amplifier IC

There is a growing demand for high-quality ultra-low power devices for high-quality electrophysiology measurements. The performance of available ICs on the market limits signal quality, especially using dry electrodes.

This IC enables the design of extremely small & accurate medical systems, with a long operating time, and with a limited number of external components. This enables various application opportunities for hospital and home applications.


This IC is a fully integrated analog front-end wearable ExG diagnostics and (clinical) monitoring systems. It features eight ultra-high-performance inputs with ADC, market leading common mode rejection, ultra-low noise, and ultra-low power consumption. The inputs are designed specifically for dry electrodes.

Power management, battery protection, and charger are included to support supply, directly from a battery. In addition, this reduces the number of components and the size of the module. Compliance with all relevant medical (safety) standards is simplified using this IC. The IC is in development, and mass production is scheduled for 2022.

Key features

    • Up to 8 unipolar ultra-high quality inputs
    • Designed for textile (dry) electrodes
    • High input impedance for extremely low common-to-differential mode

    • Daisy chaining of multiple ICs supported
    • Ultra-low power consumption
    • Hig common-mode rejection