Biometric Sensing Platform

Biometric Sensing Platform

To help device manufacturers develop new wearable devices that comply with medical requirements, ItoM Medical has a fully integrated development platform for ultra-high quality ExG applications (including ECG, EGG and EMG). Enabling super small form factor devices with ultra-low power consumption, this development platform is patient safe and helps simplify and speed up design and certification of medical devices.

The platform has already been used to develop a skin-friendly, wireless neonatal intensive care vital sign monitoring device that enables and maximizes mother and child skin to skin contact.

Key platform features

    • Ideal for medical grade, wearable ExG and respiratory devices including neonatal monitoring
    • Offers up to 72 hours of continuous battery-powered operation
    • Perfect for use with standard, dry and textile electrodes connected using a mini-HDMI connector

    • Embedded signal processing algorithms can be combined with movement algorithms (e.g. sitting, walking, lying) to further enhance usability
    • Has built-in 3-axis accelerometers (one with gyro) and a temperature sensor, and supports multiple additional external sensors
    • Wirelessly connects to secure back-end data processing and management software