Signal Processing Algorithms

When measuring EMG and movement activity, the raw data holds all the required information, but is often difficult to interpret by people. ItoM Medical has an extensive library of readily available signal processing algorithms to enable our customers to transform raw data into useful information.

The available library consists of multi modal electrophysiology algorithms to detect various heart rate arrhythmia symptoms, algorithms to detect and process respiratory effort and movement related functions such as lying, sitting, standing, walking and running. The combination of these algorithms enables ItoM Medical to provide turn key solutions to its customers.

If required, ItoM Medical can assist in algorithm development and signal processing for specific applications.

Signal processing algorithms

Key algorithms

    • AGC QRS detector
    • On-time QRS gating filter
    • P-wave and hick-up suppression
    • Respiratory detector
    • Neurological State detection
    • Muscle Fatigue
    • Work of Breathing
    • Algorithm Development Methodology