Sports & Revalidation

The ItoM Medical unique technology enables our customers to realise high quality products in sports and revalidation. With a long history in research support within movement science and revalidation, ItoM Medical knows what is required when measuring EMG in both athletes and patients.

The combination of EMG amplifier technology delivers the highest signal quality, with an optimal suitability for dry and textile sensors and creates an opportunity to measure muscle activity with easy to use products, such as smart garments or suits.

The current ItoM Medical ExG platform incorporates, besides a high quality ExG amplifier, also two accelerometers and a gyroscope to measure movement activity.

When measuring EMG and movement activity, the raw data holds all the required information, but is often difficult to interpret by people. ItoM Medical has an extensive library of signal processing algorithms to enable our customers to transform raw data into useful information. If required, ItoM Medical can even assist in algorithm development and signal processing for specific applications.

Sports and Revalidation