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While we have seen a significant increase in sports wearables over the last few years, the gold standard from a clinician’s perspective has remained bulky trolley-based hospital equipment. By understanding the needs of clinicians and being able to translate those needs into system requirements and complete designs, we help our customers bring forward medical-grade wearables for a host of applications. Devices that provide the accuracy demanded by clinicians but also open up new diagnostic opportunities and make it less stressful on patients.

Combining our expertise in embedded biometric systems design and miniaturization, ItoM Medical helps you develop the next generation of wearable devices.

Using state-of-the-art ExG amplifier technology, ItoM Medical is the ideal partner for the development of patient monitoring and diagnostic (ECG, EMG and EEG) devices.

With our biometric sensing platform, containing the best ExG amplifier and integrated IMU, ItoM Medical offers an OEM solution for elite sports and revalidation devices.